Telephony for Professionals


PayphoneNet co-operates with the biggest companies that provide integrated telephony services in the Greek market.


Depending on your company's and customers' needs, our company can guarantee you the best solution for voice telephony. Our target is to reduce your telecom costs dramatically, so that you can speak more, pay less and enjoy excellent voice and network quality.


Our telephony services are based on the philosophy that the more our subscribers use their telephone, the lower their telecom costs must be. This can be achieved by categorizing the most often call destinations and providing lower telecom charges for them.


The called destinations are categorized as follows:

  • Local Calls

  • Long Distance Calls or specific Long Distance Destination(s) Calls

  • Mobile Destination Calls or specific Mobile Destination(s) Calls

  • International Call or specific International Destination(s)

Examining and analyzing of the telecom traffic that your company or organization performs can lead to  creating a tariff table that contains your more often called destinations, and of course the choice of best telephony service for you.


So, depending on the volume of your telecom expenses, the cost of communicating can be reduced by up to 65% - of course with no hidden charges.



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