Phone Bill Meter

A new product from ... the past !!!


PayphoneNet introduces a brand new product, whose idea comes from the past. Metrotel is an innovative Phone Bill Meter with numerous sophisticated features and many accompanying accessories. Metrotel is the most cost effective (but not least) public telephony solution for supervised areas. People can make  phone calls to every destination without having to carry around with them pre-paid call cards or coins.


Metrotel calculates the cost of each call according to the prefix of the destination number. The user can see the charge and duration of the call, and after finishing he just pays the fee to the operator.

So easy, so plain!!!


Besides, Metrotel comes with a full set of features and accessories, like extra display for the user, all mode charging activation (16 KHz, DTMF etc), call history and statistics, and Remote Management System support.


Phone Bill Meter

Metrotel set


Metrotel Remote Management System




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