PayphoneNet at a glance


1991 The company is established under the trade name Payphone Goudevenos Ltd. Payphone Goudevenos Ltd is the first company that imported coin payphones into the Greek market. The 1st payphone was imported from England (Routhdown Ltd).


1996 Payphone Goudevenos Ltd is consolidated as one of the main players in the Greek Public Telecommunications Market. The sales of the company have already reached 2600 coin payphones. Meanwhile the company opens its co-operation to the Asian Telecom industry.


2001 The map of Greek Telecommunications Market changes. The lifelong monopoly of the National Telecom Provider is broken and the Greek Telecom Market  becomes more competitive than ever. Alternative providers are now ready to enter the telecom market. Payphone Goudevenos Ltd product targets change, as the are more possible customers than ever.


2002 European Union market "opens" its gates to Greek Economy and the Greek currency changes from drachmas to euro . The company has already sold almost 5000 coin payphones. In a timeframe of 1,5 years 5000 more euro-fit coin payphones are sold on the Greek market by Payphone Goudevenos Ltd.


2002 The company architecture changes in order to meet the needs of competitiveness. Payphone Goudevenos is renamed under the trade name PayphoneNet Ltd.


2002 PayphoneNet Ltd proceeds in the manufacturing of a LCR and Pulse Generator device, in co-operation with the University of Patras (Wired Telecommunications Laboratory).


2006 PayphoneNet Ltd becomes an authorized dealer of the biggest telecom companies of the country. Meanwhile, the company  is to be the main supplier of LCRs for those companies.


2006 PayphoneNet Ltd exchanges its know-how with the most important public telephony equipment manufacturers, such us Comex Telecom Corp. and Routon Electronics.



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